Sunday, October 31, 2010


Whew! What a game! I bought a GIANTS t-shirt this afternoon to be one with the team. I prefer the predominantly orange-colored than black but it was the last shirt at Walgreens so I took it. Was looking for one last night at the mall. Where are they when you need them?!

Yes! Just one more win, Giants! Do it in Texas! You don't have to come back home to win it here. So many things can happen. Finish it up there! We'll all be just as happy and wild here, we'll celebrate!

P.S. I'm beat! Shouldn't have watched the game after a well-deserved wonderful, super-relaxing massage at the spa this afternoon. I'm going to bed now!

"Quote of the Day"

There's a great quote in the Gita, (the Scripture of the Bhagavadgita).....

"Until a seeker of truth gets tired of his own way.....

knowledge never comes..."
His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Saturday, October 30, 2010


What am I doing wearing a dark pink top at a gig on Halloween when it's supposed to be black and orange today plus GIANTS are playing in Texas and, yup, their colors are black and orange too?? Where is my loyalty to the team? I'm celebrating the Giants now. I predict they'll win tonight and, perhaps, finish the world series tomorrow.

I think I'll change my template, too, to show support and solidarity.

They lost but it's all right as long as they win this year's World Series, no excuses! GO, GIANTS!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News of the Day

TRASH TEXAS - headline on The Examiner, re: 2010 World Series, of course!

Let's be a little more civil - DUMP 'EM!


The other day, as I entered the lab, I heard our manager say 2 words to someone that made my day, "NO EXPECTATIONS!" - I like it. I needed to hear that. A timely reminder!

Having no expectations is simply letting people, things and all, be who they are, what they are, accepting them as they are and allowing them to grow and find themSELVES! After all, whether people live up to our expectations or not, it really is not the person, but our perspective of the person, that either lives up to our expectations or not! The person doesn't change right there and then. The person will be who he/she is. Having no expectations creates space for everyone. It's truly letting go and that's good.

One time at a job interview, I was asked what my take was on slow learners. As a CLS, I don't think we'd ever make it if we were all slow learners. It's such a tough field to be in. Physicians depend on lab results to make their diagnosis on patients. There is no room for mistakes in the clinical lab. When I was in Ayurveda, holistic medicine, sometimes I would put down western medicine, claiming that patients die of causes other than what their doctors had previously diagnosed, and I would blame the doctors. But we clinical lab scientists have a great responsibility on physicians' decisions as to the diagnosis and treatments of their patients. There is only room for accuracy and speed in the clinical lab with no room for slow learners!

BUT, wait! Let's not be fast on passing judgement! There are slow and there are fast learners everywhere. There are those who learn faster than others, but it doesn't mean they are smarter.

Understanding Ayurveda, (vata, pitta, kapha), and applying it to everyone - some people are "audio", some are "visual" and others "feel", respectively - we are all a combination of each, with some aspects stronger than others. People who are audio are the fastest to learn, but they are also the fastest to forget. Why?? In lectures, training, and the like, as long as they hear, they can grasp and apply the knowledge right there. As soon as the lecture or training stops, their hearing stops, and they forget. They have to hear again and again, until they finally remember. It doesn't mean they're slow to learning. NO! On the contrary, they learn fast, but they also forget fast! It's their nature.

"Take down notes!" everybody says. But this doesn't work for all. Many people are visual, so the concept of taking down notes works for them. Writing is visual (pitta) and those who are visual can and will write down everything. But for me, for example, being vata, audio, I have to listen. Writing distracts me from what I am hearing at the moment. When the lecture finishes, then I can write down, (that's visual!), what I remember immediately after.

On the other hand, hearing and writing do not work well for hands-on people because they have to feel (kapha) everything. They have to "experience". There has to be human interaction, direct participation. Just plain listening and/or taking down notes don't work for them. That's why it seems like they are the slowest to learn. BUT, this doesn't mean they're dull or dumb! Being slow is simply their nature. Like a turtle or a snail, that's their nature. Hands-on people remember the longest!

If we look at all three, everything balances out. We just have to understand our nature, understand each other, and we can have a stress-free environment anywhere!

Back to the interview, I must have intimidated some of the lab staff. I didn't get the job. They hired someone with experience in their specialty field, I was told. (Sound familiar?!). Several months later, I was called back. I must have made sense after all, even without experience.

P.S. How do we know who are audio, visual and feeling people? More on that later. Meanwhile, you can visit my post on OBAMAMANIA, ONE YEAR AGO...(January 2010) It talks a lot from an Ayurvedic point of view.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I miss blogging, I really do! Been pretty busy at work. Hope I get over this soon.

Will be back...

Might change the background color back to black. White is bright and cheery but sometimes, I use different colors and it just doesn't bring out the colors well. Black does it with more contrast. It's more dramatic. I like it. Will see.

Meanwhile, I've been reviewing my blog from the past and, somehow, I saw several posts unpublished, either because I edited them and forgot to publish after, or just plain forgot! There were also drafts, either a thought, an idea, or a title, which I just never got to writing or finishing about. There are still some drafts left, but many are published now. Feel free to visit. Thanks. See you there!


What a way to watch the SF GIANTS play and win the NL PENNANT last night at a friend's birthday party with all the guests screaming! Really a celebration! There were tense and intense moments there, I tell you! I'd go from the kitchen to the living room to watch the game. Initially, I felt the GIANTS were not doing well whenever I was at the living room, so I went back to the kitchen where most of the guests were, where food was. (Of course, people tend to gather more, or most?! - where food is!)
I thought it was just a coincidence being in the kitchen and GIANTS doing well, so I went back to the living room 'cause there were less people, hence, more subdued. But sure enough, the Phyllies would make a hit, walked, etc., so I  finally decided to go back to the kitchen and stay there till the end. Well, it worked, call it what you like!

GO, GIANTS, GO - ALL.THE.WAY!! AND WIN THE 2010 WORLD SERIES FOR SAN FRANCISCO... AND ME!! (I need some excitement in my life right now, been pretty hectic at work lately!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

And Talk About... Dreams


What a Dream!

Last night, I dreamt I was googling this name, OPALONKA SLOWSKY (low pronounced like cow). Who, in the world, is that??

The rest of the dream was good! I was somewhere, don't know where, for a much needed R & R, and there were the white and blue skies and the white and blue ocean mirroring each other yet in between the skies and the waters was a stormy gray weather. How could that be, I thought. How could they mirror each other so perfectly when there was something so opposite them in between ?? Yet looking at the whole scenery, it was beautiful! Undisturbed by the heavy rains, it was blissful and I was in bliss! Then the dream moved on to my next travel, felt like Europe or, perhaps, Hawaii, not sure, green trees, grass and waterfalls and, all of a sudden, you know how dreams shift from one thing to the next, I was googling someone and before I knew it, the name came about, one letter at a time.

I know dreams are symbolic, many of them. But who, the hell, is Opa...(can't even spell it nor pronounce it)?? Oh, well...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cool Concert

Great concert! Great band! Really, the name of the show should have been SOCORRO & ACQUAINTANCES cause that was the first time we played together. Some of us met for the first time at the rehearsal/soundcheck that afternoon but everything went well. That's the beauty of jazz, it's so spontaneous and creative! Proud of it!


Friday, October 15, 2010


Posted on the top of the side wall of a tall building in Oakland - Nice!

That's the way life should be - in love, health, wealth, success - ALL OF LIFE!


I like it! That's me, I deserve it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Talk About... Blogging

Here's something bloggers and bloggers-to-be maybe interested in -
Mark Penn And Karen Hughes To Keynote BlogWorld Expo

Fleet Week

It's been a while since I've heard and seen the Blue Angels soaring up in the skies at tremendous speed over the city! And I don't remember them having a show on Sundays. I thought they were only on Saturdays! God, has it been that long??

I remember when my love bird, Rainbow, used to be so scared when he heard those loud noises. Poor bird, he was lucky when I was at home cause I could hold him, but when I had to go to work at the time those jets were flying and tearing up the skies, God bless him, I was just happy to see him survive when I came home! 

Today was special. Day was great, clear, warm, sunny - perfect for the Blue Angels to fly and for people especially women to wear their summer outfits. There were those like they had waited long for a warm sunny day in San Francisco to be able to show off the summer style in fashion! Some of them really looked gorgeous in them!

Me, I'm just a jogging suit kind of a gal, casual, simple, I dress up on special occasions, that's it! What a blah life, huh! Oh, well...

Inspiring... and Inspired!

Yesterday at a gig, a woman, a grandmother, actually, came to me at the piano and said, "When you play, your heart is in your hands." - Wow, how sweet, so reassuring!

She kinda reminded me of my grandmother who used to tell me, "You will never grow old because you have music in your heart."

It's as if my own grandma came to visit me again "through" this woman yesterday, also a grandma, and saying that my heart is in my hands when I play the piano, like an extension of what she used to tell me - having music in my heart. Oh, how touching! How magical, how miraculous!

Thank you, Lola Ceria! OK, Lola. I love you and miss you. Thanks for the visit. Rest in peace.

The word, OKAY or OK, is one of my Lola Ceria's legacies to us, her family and loved ones. Whenever she said the word on anything or to anyone she wanted good things to happen to, everything became magic. Things would really come out well. The family used to call her our living saint when she was alive. Now she's our family's saint looking after us from above!

Indeed, when Lola says, "OK!", it's OKAY! It means everything is all right, all fine! It is miraculous!

Thanks, again, Lola! We love you.


Today is 10/10/10.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Second Thought

Wonder if pm training is better. Oh, well, make the most of it! Honestly, I don't know yet how I feel about this new job. It's very stressful, to say the least.

Hang in there...


Month of the Rosary! And some of my favorite saints' feast days! - Happy Feast Days, Everyone! Love yall!

And tomorrow is my late brother, Jesse's, 9th anniversary! - Rest in peace, my dear brother. I love you.

... And Sweeter!!

And again today, there was a great article on hotjobs by monster - Starting a new job,.......Experts offer five tips on how to...........make a fresh start at a new job.

Just what I needed! I'm taken care of. No fear!

Thanks again.

Sweet Life!

Last night, coming home from Dodit's birthday party in Chinatown, I saw a billboard ad on a bus stop -  SHINE.

Just one of Nature's reminders!

I needed that, thanks!

Hang in There...

Keep going...