Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I knew the London Olympics wasn't over yet! Who said I had the Olympics withdrawal syndrome? Look at the pictures below.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sixth Ring of the Olympics: Strange Coincidence

Friday night London saw an exhilarating sight. Residents and visitors alike were treated to a never-before-seen sight. A rising full moon as the sixth ring of the Olympic logo that hangs from Tower Bridge. A wonderful spectacle.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Withdrawal Syndrome?!

Who's playing next? What event is on? What time is... It's over?? The OLYMPICS is over??

OMG! Am I going through post Olympics depression?

What a great Summer Olympics that was in London! Oh, London! The royal town - class, rich in history, rich in culture, formidable, timeless, immortal!!

The Olympics is over? I've just said London is an immortal city!
London is, but the Olympics is over.

Wish I were there... still there!... This feeling is horrendous. I miss the Olympics...


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Talk About... GREAT!

Words of wisdom that are ever so inspiring, uplifting, motivating, from the OLYMPICS! From athletes, coaches, their families, friends -
Hard work. Persistence. Determination. Perseverance. Passion. Fire. 
Sure, we hear them all the time, but these are timeless values that uplift our winning spirit, inspire us to keep going, and motivate us to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams! And during the Olympics, these words lift us up even higher!
"Be hungry."
"I know what I can do."
... and plenty more from athletes themselves!!

And from commercials, their ads go beyond their products -
LIVE BETTER... (by Mitsubishi)
Every step of the way... (Citi Bank)
Whatever you do... Make it matter. (HP)

And the greatest of them allfor me, is (Nike's) -

Feeling low and "lost" these days, especially with my music, and to hear and see those words on TV at the OLYMPICS, at that, the world's greatest sports event, as I've previously said,"... electrifying, thunderous, ever so exciting, so inspiring, so motivating, it's glorious - everything I need these days!" - now I know what my goal is!


Michael Phelps

Is Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian of all? 
"He's the most successful but not the greatest," a british newscaster said. 

"Is Michael Phelps comparable to Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods?" another question from the Olympic news.
Jordan and Woods are two of the world's Sports GREATS! If Phelps had stopped in Beijing, or if he had set his same old fire, passion, determination, discipline - his whole attitude, his whole being - in London from day 1 like he did in Beijing, I think he would have been one of them, win or lose. He's the most decorated, most successful, according to news. But is he the Olympic's GREAT? 

There's a difference between being great and being successful -
Greatness is a state of being, above and beyond anything else. Success is a status, a position relative to others. Greatness stands by itself. Success moves. Being successful means you achieve your goal, you win it all! Being great means, win or lose, you give it all you've got!

I've just heard on Access Hollywood featuring Access London 2012 someone announced, "Michael Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all!" 

Is Michael Phelps the greatest Olympian of all?

Tell me what you think. Feel free.

Why All About Olympics??

It's the sports fanatic in me, you know! I'm in the OLYMPICS' mode right now. From the time I wake up in the morning to the wee hours of the next day's morning, my TV is on unless I'm out. I've eventually stopped looking at the clock after midnight. I must concede, though, that I usually watch and listen to the results on the news prior to watching the NBC Primetime Coverage at night, (Great job, NBC!) especially for some sports like swimming, gymnastics, 'cause they're a little bit too exciting for me to watch live or even pre-recorded! You think I would be able to watch the Women's Gymnastics without knowing they had won the GOLD? Hell, no! And the Women's Swimming, as well as Men's, although I wasn't happy with Michael Phelps earlier in his events! He just didn't have the fire he had in Beijing! He had his whole being - body, mind, soul and spirit - set for 8 golds in Beijing! His goal was clear-cut. In London, his goal seems to have been just to win the most medals in OLYMPIC history. That's  much less than Beijing's, clearly, a huge difference right there! Had he set his goal for GOLD for every game here in London, not just for most medals, meaning, any medal, (There you go, so far, he got a gold, a silver, and in one qualifying round, he was 4th! Damn!) perhaps, he would have had the same fire, same passion, same intensity as in Beijing! He could have set his standard as high as in Beijing. That's tough, of course, but he could have done it. That said, he seems to have his old passion and fire back in his remaining games. He said that this is "absolutely, positively," his last Olympics! Let's hope this will be a grand finish for Michael. He can do it. Good luck, Michael!... I already know who won!

...And Missy, too!

...And How About That, Gabby!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

USA's "Fabulous Five" OLYMPIC GOLD!

What determination, persistence, and teamwork these girls had! Role models, indeed! What inspiration! Special mention to Jordyn Weiber who bounced back like a true fighter! What a success story! Proud of you! Proud of you all! CONGRATULATIONS!!