Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pure Innocence

... Indeed! My niece, Cehz, was putting her little girl to sleep when her baby asked a question. This is her story -
One night, I was so sleepy... I was putting my 4 year old daughter to sleep,when she asked me, "Mommy, kelan ako pwede magboyfriend? Sa Monday o next week pa?" Ay sus !!! Nawala ang antok ko!!!!:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post Script

I've just called up home right now. My mom is still sleeping. I'll call her again later...

Precious Moments With My Mom

Hugging her, sleeping with her, and she covers me with blanket from my toes up to my ears and neck, making sure no draft of air penetrates inside so I'm warm and comfortable. (I do the same thing for her.)
Giving her a massage, combing and brushing her hair after bath, walking with her at the front yard for her morning excercise... Eating with her, drinking Coke with her, her favorite drink ("Cheers!")... Chatting with her, joking, laughing! 
Playing Besame Mucho/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas, on the piano for her and singing them with her. (She played and sang "do re mi fa sol la ti do" for me in perfect pitch!) 
Looking at family photo albums and sharing memories together, and more memories and more memories and more...

On my last day at home, I knew, the minute she looked at me and kept looking at me wherever I was going around the house without saying a word, that she knew I was leaving that day. That look in her eyes... on her face - it was UNBEARABLE! 

My mother has dementia. And like the past years, all I can do for now is to call her overseas as often as I can just to hear her voice over and over, and for her to keep remembering me...  until my next trip home again.

I miss my Mom! I love her soooooo soooooo much.....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feeling What I Feel, Part 2

The following day, I saw OPRAH's Magazine again and reread the cover title, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE... RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. I realized I missed a word.... START RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW -

Now that made a difference! The first one read too drastic for me, like I had no choice but that's it! When you're feeling low, it's not easy to just snap out of it. It's not even easy feeling low to begin with. But with the word, START, somehow, it helps to even just start thinking about starting... starting right here right now! That was calming, comforting - that wherever I was in the moment, it was okay to start. To start to live again, just to live again! Not the best life even, but to even just begin to realize that I was alive, I could live again, and be grateful for it! Now I was feeling better and it got better and better...

I read the title again, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE... START RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.  Now that, I can do! I can start right here right now!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feeling What I Feel

On the cover of the latest OPRAH Magazine reads the title, LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE... RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW -

I've been feeling so low these days I just feel that right here right now is not the right time to live my best. I read the title again and slowly it hit me that accepting the way things are right now is living my best in the moment... and so be it.

Thought for the Day

"Words can kill, words can heal."

Choose your words.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good One-Liners

Some nice one-liners or two I saw on TV commercials in Manila that go beyond the products being advertised -

Good Food, Good Life - MILO Energy Drink

A letter does not complete a thought. - GAIN Vitamin Supplements

Time is your life. The less of it you waste, the more of it you live... LIVE MORE. - SMART Phone Service

When you say yes, that's when she [your child] learns best. - NIDO Powdered Milk

They may look plain and uninteresting, but just read again, or listen again next time you watch TV. And see what happens.



"Quote of the Day"

"Better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool. Rather than to speak up and remove all doubt." - Proverb 17:20

I saw this on my Mom's dresser and I loved it! Was this really in the bible? Did the Bible have humor, too? I didn't know that! ... Love it, love it!