Saturday, October 31, 2009



I have a big bag of M&Ms here not just supposedly for today. I bought 'em for my family from Manila, 8 of them, including small children, who are here touring the country and attending a family wedding next week. And nobody's takin' 'em! Yeah, who's coming to the US just for M&Ms?! Should have bought Ghiraldelli's! So what am I gonna do with all these now?? Oh, well, enjoy trick or treatin'!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

... About Wayne

Oh, my eye doctor, yes -
After carefully thinking what to say about him, the best way to describe him is to go back to when I was in grade school in our English class. Our teacher would give us about 5 words every class to look for the meaning and use in a sentence. Among so many words, one stood out and made a big impact on me for the rest of my life. The word is 'motto'. I remember asking my Mom what it meant and to use it in a sentence. She defined it, then effortlessly said, "A Chinese motto runs this way - 'More talk, more mistake... Less talk, less mistake... No talk, no mistake.'"
This is one of the most inspiring, powerful words of wisdom my mother has instilled in me as a child.

And this defines Wayne. Every word that comes out from his mouth feels like it was carefully thought of, then spoken softly, genuinely, sincerely! And it just sounds natural. Where other doctors would tell you matter of factly what is right or wrong, he just has a sweet way of saying things, medical matters, good or bad, whatever it is, so that you don't get scared, you just feel good, and you know you're taken care of. So calm, so gentle! So reassuring that when he says, "Not to worry", you don't worry at all! BTW, he's Chinese too, so he must know the motto.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And Talk About... Animals!

I have an aunt who has such an affinity to animals. There's just something about her that animals are drawn to her. They appear to her out of nowhere, manifesting and like, symbolizing something. I don't know how to describe it! It's Marvelous!

It's her birthday today. It was October 11 when Rainbow, my lovebird, came into my life. See what I mean? There's that connection with her and animals. So meaningful, so special!



Today is my lovebird, Rainbow's "birth"day. That was when I discovered him. He was a lost bird and somehow landed on our ground and there were about 4 people who saw him first and one of them called me. Somehow the bird came to me and that's how and when he was "born"! I don't know how old he really was then but he lived with me and moved with me up North and eventually lived with me and Norman when we got married, and he lived for 17 years, plus whatever his age was when I found him or when he found me, or rather, when we found each other! They say that's long life for a small bird. Such a sweet bird, such great personality! We were "Mom and Dad" to him! One of my neighbors who owned a bird shop for 20 years once said, "Rainbow doesn't know he's a bird. He thinks he's people!"
Everybody loved Rainbow! Everyone loved to visit with him and took turns to bird-sit when I was away.

In the beginning, whenever I did TM, he would make noise. But he was a great observer. He noticed I was silent and still when I did my program. He learned to be quiet too and not disturb me. The only time he'd call my attention again was when he saw me about to lie down and rest after TM. That's when he wanted out of his cage to join me in bed then he'd be still again until I finish my whole program.

One time, he got very sick and everybody thought he wouldn't recover but he did. And as the Verills remarked, '' Don't they know Rainbow is a meditator?!"

When we had parties at the compound, you think I was the center of attention when I played the piano?? No, Rainbow would sit on my shoulder or on either arm and he stayed there while I played and people were simply entertained, not by me but by him! He didn't know that, he was just happy being with me and surrounded by people. He had a great time!!

And boy, he just knew when Norman was close to home from work or wherever. About 15 minutes before Norman would arrive, Rainbow would face the door and start chirping a particular sound to indicate "Daddy" was coming home. He doesn't chirp long, just enough to "announce" Norman is nearby. One morning he started to chirp and Norman wasn't there. So I thought it was all coincidence. Then Norman arrived with a bag of bagels. So Rainbow was right again! He knew Norman was in the neighborhood, but Norman stopped by Noah's Bagels so he came 5-10" later than usual.

Rainbow died 4 years ago while I was in L.A. to attend my niece's debut. When I called Norman about 9 pm to tell him I had arrived in L.A., he told me Rainbow was not doing well. He was fine that morning so I thought when I came back, we could bring him to the vet. Norman didn't know what to tell me or how to say Rainbow was more serious than what he was trying to describe. In other words, he was being cautious to break the news. Rainbow was dying. I called him every few minutes to check until finally he said Rainbow wasn't moving at all and I told him to put the phone on Rainbow's ear so I could talk to him. I told Rainbow I was going home soon, to wait for me, and so on, and I kept saying, "I love you, Rainbow," over and over and then Norman said, "He moved," so I thought he was gonna get well. About an hour later, Norman called to say Rainbow had just died in his hands...

Rainbow must've wanted just to hear my voice one more time before passing on. It still touches me whenever I remember.

No wonder, the day before I left, Thursday morning, Norman brought him to our bedroom and said, "He wants to come to you."
"How'd you know?", he just shrugged.

Sunday mornings were Rainbow's day with us in the bedroom. But how'd he know it was Sunday? Maybe he didn't, but like all other animals, they just know when it's time to migrate and when it's time to come back. Rainbow knew his routine. But that was Thursday. Then the next day, Friday, as I was leaving for work and later for my trip, he kept calling me from the kitchen, I didn't know why. I had to go back at least twice to hold him and stay with him for a while. He just wanted to be with me.

Norman must've intuitively known Rainbow wanted to come to me that Thursday. Rainbow knew I was going away. He always knew when we'd go away, seeing our luggages. He didn't like seeing us pack in the beginning until he learned the routine. He had another kind of chirp for that, as if asking, but not complaining, "You're leaving again?", he simply understood.
Rainbow was saying goodbye to me. He knew he was going...

I miss Rainbow so dearly. I wrote a song for him when he died. If I find the lyrics, I'll sing it. I don't remember all of it. Let me look for it...

I love you, Rainbow. We miss you. We'll come visit you soon. I promise.

Friday, October 2, 2009


My first quarterly meeting with the corporate big wigs! I was introduced by my boss. A privilege, indeed! Just witnessing the whole process... being an observer. Very interesting! Very motivating! Very inspiring!


Month of the Rosary
Dedicated to the Blessed Mary
Our Lady of Fatima
of Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia

To God, through you, I surrender
To Him, through you, I offer
Myself, my life, my whole being
With all love and trust. Amen.