Monday, August 31, 2009


Last night, Norman and I went to Eliza's for dinner on a spur of the moment. And who do we see - ELSA and family. What a surprise! We haven't seen each other nor talked for a LONG time and out of the blue, she reappears!

Last month, Norman and I went to Crepevine, again unplanned, and again, a restaurant. And who did we bump into - 2 musician friends we haven't seen for ages, Lilian and her daughter, Rachel, and Vivian!

Somethin's happenin' - Serendipitous?!

Hey, guys, so good to see you! This is telling us something and we better do something about it. We've got a lot of catching up to do...

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Celebrate LIFE... Yours, today especially!! You deserve it. ENJOY.
May you have many many more happy ones to come. 
Luv ya...

Saturday, August 29, 2009


... of two past lives a long time ago, in a dream, through this quote -
- Augustus Ceasar

- St. Augustine

29 de Agosto

Taking the bus to work today and looking at my transfer, I saw 29 Aug 09. I remembered Richel's birthday, my cousin in Arizona, so I called her up right away. Couldn't talk much and loud but I didn't want to miss greeting her on her birthday.

When tita Helen was pregnant with Richel, she was expected to deliver in September but I predicted she was going to give birth exactly on 29 de Agosto after our street address in Manila. Indeed, Richel was born that day! -

29 de Agosto is more than just a street address. It's where I grew up and lived most of my life until I came to the States. It's where my childhood, my character, my values, beliefs (DIS-beliefs and UN-beliefs!!), everything about me and my family were deeply rooted, embedded in our consciousness, clearly defining who, what, how, where, when, why we are now! It's where I heard and played music all my life! It was where I heard the sound of mahjong as my mother played with her girlfriends and decks of cards as my father played poker with the husbands on weekends and when I felt most secure for as long as I heard their voices and laughter and the mahjong tiles and cards until I fell asleep at night. When I woke up in the morning they were still playing and the house was filled with the smell of cigar and cigarette smoke for the entire weekend. My parents had stopped smoking long long time ago and in retrospect, they were happy that no one among their children got addicted to the games. Or if anybody did, it was also with family and friends at home and only on Sunday afternoons as a pastime. I was never interested because I could not stand the smoke, thank God! But I was happy playing with the mahjong tiles and dice while everybody was having breakfast, snack, lunch, merienda, dinner - (Filipinos LOVE to eat!)

It was the party place for our annual Christmas Family Reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, everything, anything for friends and families, especially for my brothers as they were growing up while I, the youngest and only girl, could only watch from the windows upstairs. (It's probably how it shaped me to become an observer and watched people from a distance and at the same time become a private person. It wasn't bad nor sad, it was simply THAT!) Sometimes I got the chance to meet their guests as they were coming in or when I was asked to play the piano. That was the extent of my socializing. I was too little, too young to join...
Or were my brothers just overly protective of me?? I remember when it was MY turn to grow up and go to parties in high school, I had chaperones - my 4 brothers!! The two oldest stayed in the car and chatted or slept the whole night while the next two came along and became my DANCE PARTNERS@#$%^&*! Sure, I danced with other boys but as soon as a slow dance started, before I knew it, I'd see shoes I recognized right in front of me and as soon as I looked up, yup, they were my brothers! When we went home our parents would still be awake, anxiously asking my brothers, "How was it, did she dance with a lot of boys?"
"Did she enjoy?"
Right. When my dad asked me one day what I wanted for my 18th birthday, a choice between a debut or a Yamaha Organ, (would've cost the same!), I chose the Yamaha!! Still, my family, ever so sweet and loving, gave me a surprise birthday party by inviting my friends and classmates! It was casual cause I came from school but it was very special! Can you imagine, the whole day, not one of my classmates told me they had something up their sleeves?? My brother, Nandy, picked me up from school that night then brought me to A&W Drive-In Restaurant for root beer, sandwich and fries, (tagal na no'n!! Wala na 'yon do'n... nando'n pa ba 'yon?!). He said it was his birthday gift. I didn't realize he was buying time so my classmates and friends could prepare at home... WOW!!
I had another celebration that weekend at home, small, quiet, too quiet as only 1 friend and her boyfriend showed up!@#$%^&*! (Funny??... not then)

Our house was the hub for relatives from the provinces from north to south, either for a visit, in transit, or living with us for awhile. Such is our culture of extended families, and certainly why there is very strong family support among Filipinos. -

Memories of home...

Today something extraordinary happened on the bus. A man, middle-aged, medium built, got on the bus and I wasn't sure if I had seen him before but today, he especially reminded me of my brother, Jesse, who had passed away. They didn't exactly look alike, some similarities, perhaps, but there was just something about him, his demeanor, the way he sat and watched people, something that connected me to my brother. I thought what a day to remember M. Jesse - 29 de Agosto! At first I didn't pay much attention as we were both standing on the crowded bus so we couldn't see each other. Plus I was enjoying my iPod. But at the next bus stop, when several passengers got off, we both had a chance to sit across each other and that was when I started looking at him. I was simply drawn to him. I felt somehow my brother was connecting with me through him. I was holding back my tears. God, I missed my brother.
Next stop, an older disabled woman got in and I offered my seat and later on I found myself seated next to this man. Wow! It felt... I can't explain.
Meanwhile, across from me was an old Chinese lady carrying a paper bag which caught my attention. There were 2 words printed on it - Connect Together.
Coincidence?? Had I not offered my seat to the disabled woman and subsequently, sat beside this man, thus, sitting across the Chinese woman, I would never have seen the paper bag. Things happen for a reason and on a special day like today... I can't argue with that!
The man got off eventually, I wish I saw which stop, hoping I might see him again someday.

Goodbye, Manong Jesse, I love you, I miss you... until we connect again.

Looking back at the paper bag, I saw 2 new words down below in big black bold letters I did not notice earlier - REUSABLE RECYCLABLE

... till next time.

I called my mother tonight in Manila. I try to call her as often as I can. Today was extra special and I didn't want to miss calling her.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy 1932 - 2009

Remembering the pillar of the U.S. Senate and thanking him for endorsing Obama, the AMERICAN DREAM lives on, his legacy lives on.

With all love and admiration to the Kennedys...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello. Welcome to my home.

As an aspiring writer, or shall I say, continuing from previous lives, I'm here to share my thoughts, afterthoughts, what else, on anything, everything, (who knows what will come out here!), or nothing (... just being quiet at times).

Writing has been one of my lifelong dreams. It had been put on hold for a LONGGGG time, many lifetimes ago, and it has come back in this life right here and now to haunt me, rather, inspire me again. And being a musician, some of these writings may have already been transposed into music or from music into writing and back and forth and on and on...

Sit down and relax. Enjoy... Would you like some coffee, tea?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I think "Foreword" would have been more appropriate on last night's review than "Prelude". Must be the musician in me that wrote the latter... I like Prelude!! Doesn't matter, both leads to an intro...


Monday, August 24, 2009

Prelude Reviewed

Just going thru my new "occupation"! Past bedtime but I've just gone so animated with blogging! Hope this is not another site like myspace, facebook, linkedin, etc., where, initially, I'd be on for hours everyday because I was SO excited!! No more of that! BUT let me just enjoy the moment. Sooner or later I will calm down.

I like the template. There was not a lot to choose from to start with and being new, I feel like I'm in the dark, thus black. But I like black, there's something mysterious about it! Perhaps, someday, as my writing gets better and better and I can express myself more and more, the color might become lighter and lighter like the pages of a book... nah, too formal, too boring, too... what? I don't know.

Just lemme enjoy now. BLACK is BEAUTIFUL. The night is black, it's silent, asleep... Time to go.


A blogger!

Officially, I'm a blogger now! But blogging is writing, right? So I am a writer.

Ok, now again, back to work. I haven't accomplished one work today. All right, this writing experience is an accomplishment! But I have lots of things to do today and the day is almost over and I haven't started!!

Discipline, discipline, discipline.

Guess What!

Just finished reading my first post and officially, I am a writer. Oh, well, not really but, hey, I'm enjoying!

Now back to work...

First Attempt

This is my first attempt on blogging!! Didn't know what it was, what it meant, what it was all about in the beginning and just now, understanding a little. What got me into it? Signs!! It is time. This is the time.

Two weeks ago, after our show at the 2nd Annual Filipino-American Jazz Festival at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, August 8-9, 2009, (this made such a big impact on this blogging/writing experience!), Mon David, world-class jazz singer, a good old friend of mine and my band mate from our jazz group in Manila in the 80's called FOURPLAY, Tateng Katindig, great jazz pianist, and I went to to the HILTON Hotel where they checked in to chill out before they fly back to L.A. (Hmm, can't remember if that was Hilton, and here I am attempting to be a writer??... Well, someday, perhaps, now I'm just writing down my thoughts). Barbara Collin, their manager/agent, enjoyed watching us laughing, teasing and bonding. We were sharing our dreams, goals, our philosophies in life, in music, etc.. I said something that somehow inspired Mon and he said, "Kit, you should write a book."

This week, I checked my website and read an email from someone (I have to get her name and acknowledge her cause again something about it led to this whole experience of writing NOW!) who said she enjoyed my blogs and will subscribe to it. BLOGS?? Where?? I don't have a blog! I'm sure it was a mistake but she sure wrote on my website!! Well, yes, I have notes here and there but they're not what I know about blogs or blog account like this?! They're just messages, greetings, little comments, nothing special - NOTHING.

But there was something special about the email. This was the 2nd sign in 2 weeks I got about writing.

Then yesterday, at Greg Makabenta's 70th Birthday Celebration at Intramuros where I performed, Greg, CEO and President of Filipinas Magazine, surrounded by writers, journalists, and the like - 3rd sign, and within 2 weeks?? AHA!!

Nature has a way of giving us signs to tell us we're closing in on our dreams. One sign, most likely, we won't see it though we should if we're so connected. Two signs, we're close and we should know. But three signs and within a short time span?? - Our dreams, your dream, my dream, our goals, our desires, call it what you want, have fallen right into our laps!!! When that happens, BE STILL... A MIRACLE HAS HAPPENED.

I was resting after my transcendental meditation this morning when I had the strong urge to write down this whole experience. I should have started right on but I got sidetracked with emails, websites, bills, etc., and something told me to stop 'cause I wasn't doing what I should. I took a break, came back and then just went on writing...

Now once I publish this post, I will formally have my blog and be a blogger. Then I will pay my bills.