Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama's Speech

I have no comment on Pres. Barack Obama's speech the other night. Honestly, I had no intention to analyze his speech or judge him. Obama is a brilliant speaker, we all know that from last year, from his campaign speeches, the primaries, his European tour, his victory speech on Election Day, to his Presidential Inauguration Address! He had all of us, the whole world, mesmerized by his voice! That's precisely why I wanted to hear his first ever, State of the Union Address, and see how he is now as President of the United States one year later, when all the excitement is gone and things have settled down. I wanted to listen to his voice again and see his impact, his effect, this season, (my post on OBAMAMANIA, ONE YEAR AGO...will explain all that). After you read it, you'll understand better when I say that if his popularity goes down, (even more?!), it can happen between March and June, this year, unless people are content with his performance. Between July-October, he'll be watched more closely.

I just don't understand why people judge him, are disappointed with him, etc., after only his first year as President?? The mess he inherited is horrendous!! What do they expect, a quick fix??

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the Union Address

What do you think? I listened to the whole speech and responses by democrats, republicans, independents and citizens all over the country on all possible channels covering the event.

Will share my thoughts later. It's getting late...Goodnight.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Piedmont Piano Company Grand Opening

Piedmont Piano Company Grand Opening


Exactly one year ago, January 20, 2009, the whole world watched the Presidential Inauguration of the United States of America! The first African-American President, Barack Obama, was sworn into office in Washington D.C. Millions of people flew over to personally witness the historic event, give a first-hand perspective on what it was like to be there and experience history unfold! We all celebrated, well, many of us, not the Republicans certainly. It was euphoria!!

One year later, we look back, we seek to recapture the day, the moment, we relive the experience - the emotion, the energy, the excitement and everything that swept the whole wide world!!

What really happened last year and before that? What brought about the CHANGE?? What brought Barack Obama to the White House?

What was the Obamamania? There have been many theories about it. This is my personal observation from an ayurvedic point of view. This is my own theory. I wrote this last year during the primaries and now that I have a blog, I thought I'd share it one year later today.

First of all, Ayurveda, Science of Life, was globally introduced in the early 80's by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (TM), who taught the Beatles, the Beachboys, etc.. I've been doing TM for 25 years now, and proud to say, one of the pioneers of Maharishi Ayurveda in the Philippines and USA. It is the oldest and most complete natural health care system in the world from India, predating Greek, Chinese and western medicine and all other holistic medicine. It is recognized by the World Health Organization and although it relates basically to health, human physiology, everything about it relates to the universe as we are all part of the universe, we are all part of the Self. As Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., whom I worked with in the 90s, says,” So as the microcosm, so as the macrocosm.”

There are 3 governing doshas (principles) in the universe - VATA, PITTA, KAPHA. They are present in our physiologies and in the entire universe. This is how it relates to the current political situation -

VATA Season, (Fall-Winter), the leading dosha - Qualities of VATA are cold, light, fast, quick, changing, moving, excitable! Barack Obama’s mission is CHANGE. His campaign is a MOVEMENT. Perfect season! Perfect timing! That explains why he was unstoppable, exciting, uplifting, inspiring and phenomenal especially the last 2 months! Everybody wonders why EXPERIENCE is not working right now and why millions of people are favoring CHANGE over EXPERIENCE! "Experience and Solutions" don't move! This season is all about changing and moving and CHANGE is what Obama is all about! And for the first primaries to occur at VATA season, Obama had all Nature's support! Had Hillary claimed CHANGE before Obama came into picture, after all, she could be the first woman president of the United States, (huge change right there!), she could have been the exciting and unstoppable candidate! In Jyotish, Vedic Astrology, there will be big changes happening in the world now in leadership, among other things. Either Obama or Hillary is a monumental change! However, CHANGE simply resonated more with Obama - African-American, young, the outsider! Simply put, Obama was the luckier one. And what more could be perfect timing than following 8 years of Bush@#$%^&*!
On top of that, as to the 5 senses, the senses of hearing and touch are associated with VATA. With "CHANGE", "YES,WE CAN", you can literally hear and touch them like you hear things when they move, they excite you, thus, the OBAMAMANIA, the OBAMA PHENOMENON! This also explains why delegates and superdelegates were fast in changing and moving towards Obama; so were endorsements, they were literally "flying" all over!! Everybody jumped on the band wagon! It all happened during the VATA season!...It can only happen at this time.

Now we're going towards the end of the season and things will slow down at KAPHA season (Spring) - slow, stable, steady, strong, grounded and the like. This is when EXPERIENCE AND SOLUTIONS work! This is the turning point for Hillary. EXPERIENCE is solid, grounding and the like, so this is Hillary's moment, (if the Texas/Ohio primaries were 2-3 weeks later, Hillary would have won much easier). This is when "EXPERIENCE" will start sinking in people’s minds. I just saw a man, big, Kapha-type, being interviewed on TV about the candidates, the primaries, and he says, "I'm not really looking for drastic changes..."
We'll only hear comments like these when things are slowing and settling down. Last season, they were drowned by the excitement of CHANGE!! Now, if you noticed, there are not as many endorsements for Obama.
The senses strong with KAPHA are taste and smell, not confined to food alone but “taking time to smell the flowers”, "A taste of Utopia"; in other words, to "feel" the environment and so on. People who were quick to joining Obama last season, the independents, the undecided, and so on, will tend to stay with him this season whether they still “feel” good about him or not. They will not be quick to changing cause Kapha time is just too slow, too stable, for changes. People might wait till Pitta time, summer, to take a better look at the 2 candidates. Pitta is visual. On the other hand, change will not be as exciting now. On the contrary, had the primaries started during the KAPHA season, Obama's CHANGE would not have worked as much. He would have lost because this season, "...after all the great speeches and bright lights, after all the excitement is gone, at the end of the day, people want peace and quiet." This is when EXPERIENCE comes in and Obama doesn't have it. This is when people start ”feeling” Hillary and what she stands for!! She is EXPERIENCE defined!
She should have more EXPERIENCE posters though, everywhere they can be heard, seen, read and felt at their campaigns especially now! KAPHA season is her season! This is when she can bounce back. This is her best shot, perhaps, her last! But I don't see many EXPERIENCE AND SOLUTIONS posters. I see mostly her name HILLARY on TV, internet, etc., I can't "feel" her enough nor will millions of people watching her! She can still win the primaries this spring but she's got to take advantage of her EXPERIENCE if she wants to stay in the running or it might be too late. She's got to make EXPERIENCE as stimulating this Kapha season as CHANGE was exciting for Obama last Vata season! Right now, names alone don't mean anything especially when CHANGE worked exceptionally well for Obama last season. You've got to counteract that, you've got to stand for something! Meanwhile, Obama and his staff added something else to their slogan. We see CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN posters. Mind you, the word, believe, is a very strong word and this season, it can work for Obama again (not the word, "Change", but "Believe"). Somehow, Obama strikes me as a very aware person or, maybe, some of his staff members are. (Perhaps, the presence of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa helped him win the Iowa Primary Election...just a thought!) Initially, I thought he was a VATA-type person, being thin, lanky, but he's a brilliant speaker, which is one of the characteristics of a PITTA person, but he also seems calm, unruffled, which is very KAPHA, so I believe he is tri-doshic. Nevertheless, everything he does seems right on, all in his favor. Everything seems to work effortlessly, naturally for him.

PITTA Season (Summer) is a few months ahead - hot, passionate, fiery, ambitious, etc., and sense of SIGHT, and eventually this is the time when people will take a serious look at both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Is America ready for a black president or a woman president of the most powerful country in the world??
I had a luncheon meeting with FWN recently with guest speaker, Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen. M.D., who talked about Women and Leadership and she mentioned that the time for a woman to lead mankind has come to pass. It's in the stars! Maharishi had mentioned that last year too. Look at Nancy Pelosi and Benezir Bhutto who was unfortunately assassinated.
This is Hillary’s great calling now and this is why she should not quit even if media says she should quit if she loses today to unite the Democratic party. Knowing Hillary, intense, determined and very PITTA, she won't give up!
But...too bad! Millions would still consider her but it just might be too late by then. The math just doesn't seem to be in her favor, I don't know. If the primaries were to start in the summer, Hillary could easily win over Obama as she's the "more comfortable" CHANGE, being a familiar name, a strong presence, (Pitta following Kapha, at that!). Obama would not have a chance. Nobody knows him!
But...wait. With Obama's tremendous victories last VATA season, he's ahead so his lack of experience this KAPHA season shouldn't concern him. Now he intends to meet with world leaders in the summer (PITTA season)!! That's normally when millions of people travel to see places, etc. Sure, summer is hot, nice time to travel, better than the cold winter, but there's more than just the weather. He wants to be seen! Remember Pitta is visual! I'm telling you, if Obama himself is not aware, there's somebody in his staff who knows the seasons, its subtleties, and so on.

I don't know politics. I don't know the math that goes with elections and so forth. I only know when things happen why they happen - from a different perspective.

VATA Season will be back full cycle in the Fall and when is election - November! Obama is going to win. He' will win BIG!! America and the entire world will be ecstatic and beyond!! It will be loud, wild, people celebrating, shouting, screaming, car horns blasting...whatever else we can hear and touch this season - magnified a zillion times!! And when is the Presidential Inauguration - January! This is the peak of VATA, (November-February), I call it, "The Obama season", the perfect season!!...CHANGE, the perfect word!!...And what perfect timing!! - "Mightier than the mightiest of armies is an idea whose time has come!" - Barack Obama's idea of CHANGE, he, being Change personified, couldn't have come on a better day, on a better season. Not only is his timing perfect, his time has come!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?"

New Year
New beginning
New life
New hope
The best is yet to come
Make it happen
Let it happen
Together we can!