Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy 75th!


We were there!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Feeling Deep

Lately, I've been very quiet, feeling inward, deep in silence and listening to it. Yes, listening to silence! It's funny, being a musician, it's so routine for me to have music in the house as soon as I wake up - turn on the radio, play a cd, listen to my iPod and so on. At the moment, though, I'm just experiencing stillness and silence, reflecting, feeling blissful! It's wonderful! I've had moments like this and every time it happens, it's precious, so I'm not letting it go! I'm not clinging to it, either, just letting it be... and it's blissful, it's beautiful!

Isn't it strange, that the words, silent and listen, contain the same letters? That's funny. No, it's not funny, it's not strange - it's marvelous! For how can we listen except when we're silent!

It'a a wonderful experience, this feeling deep... in silence, in quietude - even as I work. It's so deep, it's so still, it's...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Talk About... Dead and Living

Recently, I lost a friend. Actually, I have several relatives and friends who passed on early this year. Funny when you tell people that someone has died and they ask,"How old?" and you say, "50's, 60's," they remark,"How young!" Yet, when someone is alive at 50s, 60s, they say,"That's old!"

How's that? Why? Where is the demarcation line between being old at 50's when you're alive and being young at that same age when you're dead? I don't understand. When you're alive at 50's, 60's, you're old? But when you're dead at that age, you're young? At that very moment, you are young again? What happened?

Life is funny. People are funny. You can be talking to a person, say 50's, who you think isn't that young anymore, then all of a sudden, right in front of your very eyes, for some reason or another, he drops dead and you remark, "God, how young!"??

Living. Dead. They're simply human experiences. Life is the beginning, death is the end. Then why the difference? You're either young or old depending if you're dead or alive? What happens after death? Afterlife. The hereafter. Does anyone know what goes there when we cross over? Do you? I don't. Is it timeless there, meaning, ageless, too?

What about past lives, do you believe in past lives? Reincarnations? Resurrection of the dead? Yeah, the resurrection of the dead according to our religion! What happens when our dead bodies resurrect? Do we come back as newborn again? That's great! But what if we came back at the age when we died, like a continuum where we left off, say, 50's, and so on, - God, that's old!


Today is my dad's 12th anniversary of his death. Has it been that long?

I miss you, Pang, I love you.  Rest in peace.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weather Report

Today has been one of the coldest days in San Francisco for some time. A cold front came through and dropped the temperature around 10 degrees.

Winter in May!

Postscript to 'Accomplishment' Defined

I'm feeling light... and lighter! My mind is clearer. I'm feeling better. Life is good!


Sunday, May 13, 2012



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

'Accomplishment' Defined

Finally, I did some paperwork and gosh, having been so delinquent on it, I did very well! Just 15 minutes a day doing this, I'll go a long way! I'll even catch up! Maharishi says,"There is time for everything in life."

Baby steps, my dear! One day at a time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lazy Day

Today couldn't be a lazier day for Norman and me. We watched 5 hours of the hit tv series, SMASH, On Demand. Literally, a pair of couch potatoes - WHOA!

We started the day with a walk to the Marina. We haven't been there for awhile as our days off don't always match. Today it did, that's why the lazy day! Actually, it was a day to chill out. We went downtown and we just felt like tourists. It was really fun! We went to WESTFIELD SF CENTER. We had dinner at the Cupola - best pizza in town! We walked down Market Street and simply enjoyed ourselves! A number of shops have come and gone - Surprised? Surprised!

On our way home, we stopped by our favorite STARBUCKS for  1 tall, non-fat, decaf mocha and a tall, non-fat hot chocolate, no whipped cream, then we were ready to spend the rest of the night in front of the TV to enjoy SMASH! 

... And were we "Smashed" after that!!